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Bloopers 2015

The Good. The Bad. And The Selfies.

Hot Mess, USA.


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This is it, people. They day we have all been waiting for. It’s Bloopers Time.

Since last year my dancing skills have really taken a jump on the intensity scale, but I would partly blame my couples, as they helped instigate my tactics upon finding out all they had to do was play “Turn Down for What”. I would also like to credit my second shooter/partner in crime/ other half Allison for being the face of all my best ideas. This post is equally as embarrassing for me as it is for her, but because she’s the peanut butter to my jelly she doesn’t mind that I exploit her best facial expressions to date. To be improved: my focusing points when trying my good ol’ selfie trick, hair management after 10+ hr day, and avoiding giving my camera to strangers even when it gets us out of focus photos Allison and I together.

Moral of the story is: We are all a hot mess. Embrace it. Photograph it. Post it. Laugh at it. Do it all again next year.

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