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… time stands still in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.

It’s only human to desire that a moment be frozen in time. Somehow we know that there are so many little details that go into a day, and therefore go into a life, that we don’t want to forget. I remember sitting with my feet in the water off a dock in Venice a few years ago with no camera no cell phone just looking at the stars thinking, “Gosh, I hope I remember this moment forever.” I held onto my conscious a little tighter, closed my eyes and took a mental picture and hoped it developed. But everyday life isn’t like that. It’s too busy. We’re running around always juggling a dozen things at one time, so even when you experience a really beautiful moment that you want to hold onto it seems near impossible to stop, close your eyes, and force your mind to capture it. And then there’s the other 99% of your day, when the moments pass before you like a moving train. There is literally no way your mind could possibly save it all.

I met Sarah just over a month ago, and in that short amount of time she has helped me grow in my business and in my heart, and I wanted to give her a little something in return. I knew I needed to meet her two sons, Ethan and Elliot, the kind, fun, well-mannered boys that she always showed me pictures of. Sarah and her husband, Michael, have given their sons an environment in which they can truly be themselves, to play and learn and explore the world with imagination and wonder. It was such an honor to watch a small portion of their day unfold as it normally would, whether a camera was there to capture it or not. When I showed Sarah the photos yesterday she said, “You know, we have read those books a thousand times each. One day we will get rid of them, but these photos will remind me that we had them once. Danimals Yogurt? I’ll forget that even existed. And car seats? I hate having to use them, but one day the boys won’t need them anymore. These images will remind me of the days that I they were small enough to buckle in.” I told her that one day, I hope someone will do this for me, to allow me to just live a day like I normally would, baggy shirts and spilled lunches, temper tantrums and post-fighting hugs. In the meantime, I have decided I want to give that to others. By the time it’s finally my turn, I’ll be able to put my own camera down and just live.

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