Juliana Laury Photography

Rachel & Charles

Beltzville State Park

Jim Thorpe, PA


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// what we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame / but something wild to run with //

Rachel and Charles set the record for longest and most intense engagement session yet, and I am already craving more like it. We somehow found each other amid the some 3,000 acres of land that encompassĀ Beltzville State Park, and I could have hiked around with these guys for days before seeing even half of it. The photos help show what an active day we had, from climbing a waterfall to walking along a pebbled beach to having a picnic lunch that Rachel packed for us in the bed of their pickup- it was all the things they love to do together and I loved that about them. I was so drawn to their passion for getting out in nature together, it’s getting harder to connect with couples who would choose a weekend in the woods over the couch and Netflix these days. I am so thankful I got to spend an awesome afternoon with these guys, and I know their wedding next summer is going to be awesome.

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