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I’ve been trying to write and rewrite this blog post for a couple of weeks now, randomly revisiting the images, thinking long and hard about what made this experience different and why I’ve been so drawn to it. I’ve known that this is what I wanted for awhile now, to photograph a couple’s wedding, then get that all capital lettered email telling me they’re pregnant, and sign myself up to document the roller coaster ride of a family in bloom. I’ve never wanted to say goodbye, and with Gwynne and Mike I never have. I’ve begun a journey with them that will stay with all of us for many years, built on emails and plane rides and nights spent on their couch that led to my ability to naturally become an extension of their days and therefore focus on the seemingly mundane moments with them. It’s the little things like how Beau smiles in his sleep or how his little stomach sticks up and heaves up and down when he hiccups, or how he likes to sleep with one leg up on Gwynne’s chest, or how Mike smiles when he walks in the door on Friday knowing that he has two full days with Beau and Gwynne, listening to the songs he makes to teach his son where his toes and fingers and eyes are, how Gwynne likes to play the radio all day and bounce Beau on her hip when a favorite classic comes on, and I even held him myself, sometimes for an hour in the morning when Gwynne just needed a shower, and I watched him breathe on my chest, swaddled like a little burrito and thought about how I stood with his mommy and daddy as they said their vows under the Springtime sun and I danced with them on the day they married, none of us realizing that they would make a human of their own and he would bring more joy than any of us could have fathomed on that day. The best part of this whole process is knowing it isn’t over and realizing that the next time I see Beau he will be bigger, and the time after that and the time after that, until I have built an archive for this family through years of discovery and growth and unconditional love.

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