Juliana Laury Photography

Ashley & AJ

Abington Art Center

Jenkintown, PA


Juliana Laury Photography | Chester County, Lehigh Valley, and Montgomery County Wedding Photographer

Sometimes, it just happens to rain on a wedding day. I think a lot of couples fear it, but they really shouldn’t. Because all of the elements of their day, all the pieces of their lives together, are still there. The enormous love and support that all of their friends and family pour into them is only amplified, and we get to focus on that. I don’t believe I’ve seen a family as close as this one in a long while. It was so beautiful to watch AJ selflessly take time to help his brother get ready in the morning, or standing there wondering if his mother would ever let go of her bear hug on him after their mother-son dance, or even checking to make sure Ashley’s mom had enough tissues for the day as she looked at her daughter with that face only a mother can give from getting ready until the end of the night. On top of all that was tons of fun too, including running out in the rain for a crazy wet night shot,  a surprise birthday cake, and a photo booth that could barley keep up the demand for paper refills. It was an awesome day- please enjoy some of our favorites!

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