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Andrew & Carley: U.S.A.

Christ Church of Ithan

Villanova, PA


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Andrew and Carley are in my mind the very definition of perseverance, solidarity, and commitment. Their story started like most: boy falls for girl, girl gives boy a hard time but falls head over heels for him anyway, boy buys girl a puppy and a ring and looks at her like she’s the only woman on earth- you know the tale. But that’s just the problem, that’s normally where the story books end. They leave out the tough stuff, the real life stuff, the stuff that shows the boy and the girl what they are truly made of.

There are a ton of headlines that I could see for this wedding. “Wedding planner forced to move her own wedding.” “Jonas proves which couples REALLY want to get married this January.” “Couple host both a beautiful summer and winter storm wedding in one month.” Basically, it was everything that keeps brides up at night with nightmares in the weeks leading up to their weddings. Imagine telling all of your guests and vendors that the wedding will not, in fact, be occurring on the date that you put on the invitation. And yet it was easily the most genuine, heartfelt, drop dead beautiful weddings I have ever shot. The beauty wasn’t in the details, it was in Andrew and Carley’s love. Their unfailing dedication to one another when the deck was stacked so high against them that they could no longer see over the edge. And yet, they remained standing. Andrew fought tooth and nail to get the doors of the church to open on January 24, Carley just laughed when things were forgotten and things ran behind, the groomsmen traveled all the way to Lancaster to get the food and bring the caterer himself, family helped in the kitchen when this same caterer found himself with no staff, the bridesmaids went to Wegmans to put together the flowers, and even I chipped in when we found out the musicians never showed up so I stood in front of the most dedicated fraction of the guest list and asked them to please applaud the couple as they walked in rather than allowing them to enter in silence. It was one heck of a day. We all bawled our eyes out as Carley and Andrew said the vows that they had already proven to one another and the world. That in good times and in bad, the one person they can count on is standing right there. They didn’t bail on this, on each other, even when it would have been easier to do so. I, and everyone who has witnessed their journey, have become better people for having witnessed something so truly transcendent.

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