Juliana Laury Photography

Amanda & Joe

The Olde Bar

Philadelphia, PA


Juliana Laury Photography | Chester County, Lehigh Valley, and Montgomery County Wedding Photographer

I’ve known Amanda since we were a couple of prepubescent squirts jumping off hotel beds while our dads attended the same work conference every year. Thanks to social media our connection was never fully lost (a lot like those embarrassing school pictures still framed on our mothers’ shelves…) and I got the chance to meet the man she always dreamed of, then photograph her officially joining her life to his. I knew they did a lot of planning on this and I have to say it all felt so them. It was super fun for Lexy and I to photograph in a classic Philly bar rather than a full blown wedding venue this time, and hopefully I can return and actually order a cocktail in 6-8 months when my good old drinking self returns from maternity leave. Amanda and Joe, I am so genuinely happy for you both! It was such a special day and we were honored to document it for you! Enjoy a few of my personal favorites!

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