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We have seen a lot of weddings over the years. Which means we’ve seen a lot of venues- everything from hotels to golf clubs to farms and barns and seemingly everything in between. But last month we were absolutely blown away by Allison and Grant’s wedding at a hidden gem called Excelsior. Never before have we seen a day glide by with such style and ease, the location perfectly matching the couple’s personal aestetic, each part of the day not only beautiful but a seemingly effortless fit. It left such an impression that one of us actually booked Excelsior for her own wedding (hint: it’s not me, but the other Allison with a camera that day!) I think the thing that really left my smiling from ear to ear was how genuine Allison and Grant were, not just on their wedding day but every day. From the emotional first look to the glowingly speeches to the comments Grant’s mom heard all day about what a fine young man she raised, these two already live the vows they promised one another. The world is a better place because of people like them. I hope that one day my son is as devoted as Grant and if I have a daughter she is as warm as Allison. Thank you for giving us a wedding to remember you two!

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