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Alex & Mike

Glen Foerd Mansion Wedding

Philadelphia, PA


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When someone knows what they want, and they go for it in their own way with assurance, it’s hard to let their confidence go unnoticed. Alex and Mike were two people who made me appreciate their strong sense of self, their solidarity, and their loyalty. They complimented one another in both spoken and unspoken ways, always a team and always focused on one another. Their wedding was rooted in tradition, yet unorthodox. Elegant, yet playful. Formal, yet tender. For example, on the morning of her wedding Alex was hand delivered a new gift every hour before she left the hotel, each one more personalized than the last, a hand written letter from her groom tucked in each one. Alex’s tears throughout the day were the only response Mike needed. Alex hand stitched their own family crest for months onto a banner that hung between them as they read the vows they wrote for one another. They made the wine that was their favor in their own home in Maine, with customized bottles to match. It was so perfectly them, from start to finish. They made it all happen together, and it was an honor to witness. We wish them many more happy years in the best partnership there is.

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