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"Memories aren't stored in the heart or the head.
But in the spaces between people."

I am a lifestyle documentary photographer who lives to build family archives, from wedding day to waddles on the kitchen floor. I capture the transitional moments of life in their most honest form. I do it because I’m living it too, every day. I remember what it felt like to shake behind my own veil, to sign my name a few times and get keys to a home in return, to wonder where I would be working in a month or a year. I reside in that space between people, I work to understand the lives of the people who graciously let me into their world and show me their truest selves.  It is my honor to document the moments in which we all feel most alive. I’m here to learn about who you are and how you got here, so that I can make images not of you but for you.


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    I know how he tickles her waist to make her laugh. I know the way she rests her head on his chest when she’s cold. I understand how they FIT together because I’ve had a day to hang out at their favorite place, eat their favorite food, and laugh at their inside jokes.

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    The wedding isn’t about the flowers, cake, or the shoes. It's about two people who are committing their lives to one another, to spending every day loving and supporting that one person they could not imagine living without. I'm here to give a physical reminder of a love story that is now being celebrated with all those who have been through the ride with you, and are just as excited as you are.

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    They say the moment you meet your child for the first time the earth moves beneath you. A birth is an intimate and tumultuous experience, and quite possibly the most important day in your lives together, the day you become a family. It's capturing the moment your heart leaves your chest and suddenly spills into your arms. It's my greatest honor to freeze this for all time.

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    The best parts of life are the hidden gems of a normal day. It's tickling toes and making up songs and running out into the sunshine together. It's just life. Remembered.


  • What is your style?

    Artful documentation is the name of my game. I strive to create work that is vibrant, poetic, and utterly human. When you look back on your photographs on a rainy Monday night years down the road, hot tea in hand with the kids asleep in their beds, I want your eyes to dance though the pages of your wedding album, remembering exactly how it felt the moment the father of your children wrapped his arms around you and whispered "wife" in your ear for the very first time.

  • We're interested in an album, but if we're getting the digital files, why should we also get the album?

    This one gets me every time. Because a little piece of me dies every time a couple forgoes the wedding album, and instead chooses the path of a little piece of metal that will be obsolete in 10 years. Sure, the albums I offer are top of the line, custom designed and hand crafted with a lifetime warrantee. But truthfully, investing in a wedding album now is for the day that your grandchildren blow the dust off a black box in the corner, crack open the pages, and discover their heritage. And I know of all the things you spend money on right now, the artwork that I am offering you FEELS like just another expense. But I can tell you right now it is the ONLY thing that will FEEL like the only valuable purchase you made as time goes on. As the years tick away. And as the memories that were once fresh begin to blur and tear at the seams. In the end, when the day is long gone, this is what you have left to have and to HOLD.

  • Do you take posed family photos?

    Without a doubt, yes. When I think of what will live on after each and every fleeting moment is captured and thoughtfully delivered for your family to cherish, I think of a carefully framed print sitting on your mantle, on your father's desk, or your sister's nightstand; the one that seemed so simple to capture but in the end meant so much. I know in my heart that a wedding day isn't for the couple, it's for the ones who made them who they were when they finally met the one. You wanted those people to be a part of this day because of what they have done for you, and it is my honor to give them and you a physical representation of the richness of that love.

  • How long will it take till we see our photographs after our wedding?

    I get just as impatient about seeing them as you must be! I put my heart and soul into each and every frame, and I am careful to hand select the best to be presented on my blog and social media within 2 weeks of your wedding date. From there, I hand tone and retouch the images I have selected to tell the full story of your day. These final images will be delivered via an online gallery as well as a custom USB drive within 30 days of your wedding date. To take it a step further, we schedule a viewing consultation at this same time for you to come into my home studio with your new spouse to personally handle my custom made albums as well as canvas wraps, matted prints, and image boxes for best possible preservation of your artwork. I fully believe that prints will outlive pixels, and I will do my very best to ensure your family has beautiful heirloom pieces to commemorate your love for years to come.

  • How large are the images that you deliver and can I make my own prints from them?

    I shoot everything I do as a digital negative with the best equipment on the market which allow me to continually produce the highest quality images each time. Due to this advanced technology, I must resize the files in order to fit them onto a USB and give them reasonable download sizes. I deliver both web-ready file sizes intended for sharing via social media, emails, or cell usage as well as print-ready file sizes intended for prints up to 8"x10" in size. With these files you will be able to make as many small prints for friends and family as you want. However, larger display calls for additional attention to detail and higher printing standards. This is when the post wedding consultation and online gallery come in handy, and I use both tools to make the any purchasing decisions as easy as possible for you, your friends, and family.

  • What is the difference between the prints we get from you and those we can buy at a retail store with the images you give us? And do you have any recommendations for where to send those small prints that I can make from my USB??

    Every image that gets ordered in person or through your personal online gallery is approved by me, and goes through an additional retouching, color correction and sharpening process, in order to ensure that every image that goes out is up to the standard you would expect and ready to be hung on your wall. The longevity of the prints, canvases, albums and other products you order from me are guaranteed not to yellow or fade for 100 years. For your small prints, I would suggest using MPIX.COM, as their prices are competitive, quality is much better than a drug store, and shipping is fast.

  • Do you travel for weddings and is there an additional cost?

    Without a doubt! I serve the PA and NJ areas within 60 miles of my home in Chester County at no additional cost. Beyond that, I charge $1.50 per mile to cover my added expenses.

  • How much do you charge for wedding packages?

    All day coverage for weddings begins at $4,000.

  • How much do you charge for lifestyle sessions?

    While there are photographers who simply shoot a session and burn a disk for their clients, I have decided specialize in providing one-of-a-kind, artistically rendered portraits for you and your family. That process begins with the consultation of your shoot and doesn't end until we deliver your heirloom-quality album that comes with each session. Pricing for these start at $500, but most invest between $900-$2,500 on customized packages to fit their needs.

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